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Cicada Vest

This best selling busty delight is the perfect balance between pushupness and sleekness. 

Made of super soft sheep leather, it has adjustable lacing on the sides to fit all body types... It also has 2 little pockets on the inside for chapstick or whatnot, and a beautiful lining* that makes it reversible.

Also available for special order with python inlay or stones.

Sizing follows bra sizes, and this vest was designed for ladies with smaller breasts. If your breasts are larger than "C" they'll still be well contained, though there will definitely be an abundance of cleavage.

NOTE the lining might not be exactly as shown, but will always match the exterior leather well...

ALSO NOTE the leather can vary from batch to batch so it might be slightly darker or lighter than the pictures in the listing. Please contact us to see pictures of our current run.


🌲 1 tree planted with every order!

Prices in USD, and product shipped from the US.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
gorgeous and sexy!

i LOVE this top! the leather is super soft and if you have extra up top, this top will push them out. great for some extra cleavage. customer service is amazing too.

tawnya hewitt
poor quality, long wait time

Pretty bummed with this. I ordered and then they ran out of stock and i waited several months to get one . The very first time I wore it, I had discomfort half way through the night. woke up the following day with a cut under my armpit where the grommet had come loose and cut into my skin. I took that grommet off and next time i wore it another grommet came loose. Contacted them for repair but they were busy and couldnt get to it. Pretty expensive disappointment.

Hey! I'm glad you wrote this review, I misplaced your email! We had a lot of grommet issues with one of our batches of Cicada and Chrysalis vests. We had been trying to find a solution for you to fix your vest without shipping back and forth from Canada to the US, and we figured it out. We have a friend in Canada who will be fixing your vest for you and then sending it back to you <3 I'll be emailing you as well!

Bad Ass Goddess

This vest fits me like a charm, it’s stunning inside and out down to every last stitch. It's the most beautifully crafted piece I've ever worn. The lining is gorgeous, the leather is soft, everything about it is absolutely yummy! I bought the brown vest and felt so at home in it, that I came back to buy the cream! With the timeless sexy style, I can see keeping this in my wardrobe for years to come.

I Love it!

It’s soo soft and incredibly flattering. My boob look amazing!!

Amanda Perman
Excellent craftsmanship, as Always

Beautiful and comfortable! I am 5’5” and 127lbs. I usually wear a bra size 32 A or B cup. At first I ordered a size 32, but I have very muscular shoulders (climber) and it was too tight in the armpit. I ended up exchanging for a size 34 and am very happy. If I didn’t have muscular shoulders, the 32 would have been perfect. Even still the 34 fits very well even with my modest breast size.

thanks so much! We'd be honored if you tagged our insta @anahatadesigns with you rocking it! <3

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