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About Us

Our Purpose is to Inspire, Empower, and Defy the Norm!

Anahata Designs strives to translate the magic of places sacred, into the language of design, creating form pleasing, wearable art sculptures that speak to the heart

Infiniti Now aims to provide timeless styles that are deeply influenced by architecture and sacred geometry, using green and organic materials. Many pieces are customizable in a variety of ways and can include custom stonework, brass bits, and chain... ♥

We teamed up to harmoniously express both the lush textures of nature and the stark architectural symmetry of the urban landscape...

Whether personally creating whimsical one-of-a-kind items for our own amusement, or crafting the perfect thing for the perfect someone,we love what we do… 

Our Core Values are Quality, Creative Innovation, Stellar Customer Service, and Sustainability. 

We believe in the holistic integrity of a unique product made from the most sustainable materials possible. We strive for long-term, lasting, and fair trade relationships with our craftsmen, and you, our customers!

We’re deeply involved in all areas of production: design, drafting patterns, finding new eco materials, and refining waste reduction techniques. 

We are also committing that 🌲1 tree is planted with every order!

Clothing and accessories should be a fun and functional extension of our characters, our beliefs, values and identities. What you wear is Sacred and conveys a message.

The power and nature of this message is partly determined by the strength of the intention that led to its creation, and how bright you SHINE while wearing it…♥♥♥