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We're super stoked to make you a custom jacket, shorts, pants, or boots to your exact measurements and size, Vegan Leather, minor design tweaks, and custom color combinations are also possible!
How it works:
-1) You get together with a sober friend and a measuring tape, and have a personalized zoom call or Facetime call with one of our lead designers to guide you through the process of measuring all the right bits in the right way.
-2) We get your address and phone number, make out an invoice, and send it to you, which you pay at least 50% of.
*Custom patterning will have a fee of $55, and design changes or material changes likely will also have an extra cost. There is no extra cost for Vegan Leather aside from the patterning fee :)
-3) We make your item while you go about living your best life. This process usually takes about 90 days, but can sometimes take longer. We are able to make it faster if desired, and are often able to rush shipping as well with expedited shipping via courier.
-4) We confirm your address for shipping, send the invoice for the final amount plus shipping, and you get your new jacket :) 
Let us make it custom for you, contact us to book your appointment <3
amazing custom artwork by @dallyinthevalley