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Chiseled Organic stretch denim and leather Pants


Chiseled Organic stretch denim and leather Pants

Size Guide
Size Guide

These organic stretch denim and leather pants have been hewn from a block of solid granite, and will solidly hold up day in and day out.

Organic stretch cotton twill slub, and fine leather panels adorn these fitted pants with articulated knee panels for maximum fit. Many deep pockets hold all your steez in comfort and style...

Finished with custom carved and cast bespoke hardware, Available in (true size) 32-40 either lightly sandwashed black or acid washed grey

-these pants are "true size" which means that they are not standard American Sizing. If you haven't already tried our shorts on before, please do measure your waist/hips where your belt would naturally want to sit, that's your true size, for example, our size 32 pants and shorts are exactly 32 inches around the waistband-

** Please also note that our fabric is hand washed and dyed and stone washed. Color variations do happen. Currently the "Black sandwash" is a bit darker than in the photos, and the "Honey brown" is also darker than in the photos. "Honey brown also comes with brown leather on it, not black.

If you'd like, please reach out to us with the exact size you'd like, and we can take pictures of the exact ones we have available and you can choose:)

Custom sizing or vegan leather available upon request, click here to find out more

🌲1 tree planted with every order!

🌎 We also pledge to donate 1% of our annual sales to support environmental organizations and non-profits that are focused on the environment.  1% for the Planet is a global organization that exists to ensure our planet and future generations thrive ❤️






Prices in USD, and product shipped from the US

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nathan Pearson
Amazing Jeans

These Jeans fit really well, have a really great look and attention to detail. Plus the have some stretch in them so they are not constrictive. I liked them so much i got a couple pairs. Get a lot of compliments.

Stevie shackelford
Inflation nation

These jeans would have to come with a happy ending for me to spend that much money. I would definitely like to try them out though. They look super cool and remind me of the 80’s parachute pants. 👍🏿🙋🏿‍♂️

Lemar Wuerth
Fresh new Gear

I love the new Pants. They are thick and very well made. Quality materials used to fashion them. I will treasure them for years to come. 💧🙏🔥

Kenneth Neal
HigH Grade SteeZ*

Favorite leg skin the moment I put them on. Truly Cozy n Stylee, Supa Stoked

heck yeah, stoked you're stoked! thanks for your support!

Great style, amazing fitting pants.

I bought these pants a few years ago at a festival and have been wearing them for performance, dance and special occasions. I really love the way they fit, the brass and leather accents all over, and the amazing design.
Every time I wear them I get compliments on how great they look.
Durable, fashionable, and unique, I would buy them again for sure.

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Size Guide