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As designers we’ve seen firsthand that Fast Fashion is not helping our planet or our people. We’re not interested at all in that approach.

First and foremost it doesn’t align with our Purpose, or our Core Values.


-Our Purpose is to Inspire, Empower, and Defy the Norm-


We don’t believe in Fast Fashion, we actually don’t even follow regular fashion, we simply make things we’d like to wear ourselves.

Spring/Summer Fall/Winter, the churn of the seasons tumbling straight into the landfill… no thanks…

We aim for timeless fashion that bends the norm, and transcends the seasonal “rules”.

We believe clothing and accessories can be a fun and functional extension of our characters, our beliefs, values and identities.

What we wear can be Sacred and can convey a message.

The power and nature of this message is partly determined by the strength of the intention and integrity that led to its creation, and mostly by how we FEEL while wearing it.


-Fast Fashion also doesn’t align with our Core Values, which are Quality, Creative Innovation, Sustainability, and Clear Communication-


We believe in the holistic integrity of a unique product made from the best, most sustainable materials possible.

We strive for long-term, lasting, and fair trade relationships with our craftsmen and our customers.  That’s why we’re deeply and personally involved in all areas of production: design, drafting patterns, finding new eco materials, repairs, and refining waste reduction techniques.


What else can we do? We can do more... 

-🌲1 tree is  planted with every order.


-We have a Pre-Loved section on our website, where we help people re-sell their old but in good condition Anahata or Infiniti gear for either store credit or money.


-Infiniti Now’s founder Tamara graduated with honors from Cal Poly with a professional degree in Architecture and has a cross-sector minor in Sustainable Environments, so sustainability and the planet have always been passions of hers. She founded a consulting company Ecolution Studio that is helping large and small scale developers and builders all over the world build regeneratively and sustainably from the ground up. Ecolution Studio also leads local community waste reduction and sustainability initiatives here in Reno, NV. In one recent ongoing project  The Fluid Project she’s collecting thousands of pounds of soft plastic that aren’t normally recyclable in our bins and would otherwise be going in the landfill. She’s partnered with a decking company that recycles the soft plastic into new materials.


We know everything comes  at a price, and we’re not cheap by any means, nor do we care to be… The true cost of cheap fast fashion comes at the mercy of either the environment, the workers, or the quality of the garments; and that’s not a price that WE are willing to pay.