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Hana Gloves


Hana Gloves

These iconic leather gloves, formerly made by Anahata Designs, are now rebranded under the name Oracle Leather.


Armor up with these sexy mid-length gloves. Featuring a flower of life etched design to power up your palms and lace edging that adds a feminine touch to these otherwise tough looking accessories. Alternating panels of leather and lycra ensure an adjustable fit to suit all arms.

Gloves (Unisex) Around widest part of hand (cm/inch)
XS 16 / 6.5
Small 18 / 7.2
Medium 20 / 8.0
Large 22 / 8.8
XL 24 / 9.6
XXL 26 / 10.4


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Prices in USD, and product shipped from the US.

Collections: Gloves, Women's Accessories

Type: gloves

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rachel Buter
Amazing, Durable & Beautiful!!

I’ve had my gloves now for 6 years and have used them regularly for fire performing… and they are still going strong! They fit so well, keep my hands protected when performing and are a beautiful feature to my costume! Love them 😍

Nope McNopey

Very tight, difficult if not impossible to zip up. Sizing chart not accurate. Gloves thin, not very durable.

hey Nope, sorry to hear about your experience! Please do email us to let us know if there's a problem or you're unsatisfied in any way, and we can make it all good.
You also say they're not very durable, are they broken in some way?
We're happy to exchange the gloves for a larger size, and you should have gotten an instruction sheet with the gloves that explains how tight they are to begin with and why...
We also do make the gloves out of the finest and softest leather possible, and that does make them thinner than, say, cow leather.
Again please do reach out with your real name, we're happy to do our best to try to turn this into a 5 star review <3

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