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Bootie Skort Pants

These hot pants are very versatile - the bottoms look like a skirt but are actually shorts underneath. You can detach the pant leg all together and just wear the bootie skort.  Or you can detach the leg partially and connect the thigh high’s to the skort with a special hook. Made from organic cotton lycra, and prewashed to ensure the fit stays true.

Small - Size 4-6 approximately, Medium - Size 6-8 approximately, Large - Size 8-10 approximately.


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Prices in USD, and product shipped from the US.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Update!! Absolutely Thrilled!!

This has got to be the best support I’ve ever received from a company!
They obviously care about their product and service to the customer!
They reached out straight away and helped with my issue (actually there was no issue, just me not seeing the fabulous design-carefully placed hooks!)
Thank you for your gorgeous and fun clothing!
I will definitely shop here again…well worth the price!!

yay awesome, glad we got it sorted out <3 thanks for the kind review!!

Cute, but missing something?

This is a super cute set, but my showed up with no way to attach the leg to the shorts. There are small loops on the shorts side, but nothing on the leg portions. And no special hooks to get that garter look?
Disappointed, as leg pieces wont stay up on their own, so rendered unwearable as is.

hi! We'd love it if you emailed us about a problem instead of just leaving a review, and if you reach out to us we're happy to see what the problem is and get you the perfect item! I can't tell from the review who you are or I'd email you to fix the issue. So if you see this, please reach out, we want you to be stoked!

Jennifer Miranda
Still waiting on correct purchase

I did not receive the bootie skort pants that I ordered and was shipped shorts instead. I already sent back the shorts in hopes my pants would be here but as of now they haven’t yet arrived. Hoping they get here soon...

hey Jennifer!
I'm super sorry you got the wrong thing, our shipping faery is still new and we're doing our best! We've been in communication with you as soon as you let us know, and are sending you the correct ones as well...I hope when you get them you'll love them enough to change the 1 star <3 thanks for your support!

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